Terms and Conditions


Registering with Dance Doctors Studios will reserve a place within the appropriate class. Once
registration is complete, payment is required for all scheduled classes regardless of attendance.
There is an annual registration fee which will be payable each September and will cover
administration and insurance fees, which will be added to your first month’s invoice.
All registration fees are non-refundable.


Fees are paid monthly, in advance and payment is required no later than the 10th day of each month
or 14 days from posting on the portal. Fees will be posted to your online portal no later than the 1st
Saturday of each month and this can be paid via Bank transfer to the Dance Doctors Studios’ account,
direct through the portal or by card at the studios. We no longer accept cash or cheques.

Where it is necessary for Dance Doctors Studios to cancel a lesson, alternative arrangements will be
made so that training can continue. Where an alternative isn’t provided, a credit will be added to the
following months invoice.

If payments are more than 7 days’ late a 10% surcharge will be added to the invoice amount.

Four weeks written notice is required to terminate your place. If less notice is given, you will still be
charged in lieu of notice.

Drop in option

Students are given the option to ‘drop-in’ to a select few classes in order to accommodate their
needs. The classes that have this option are at the discretion of the Dance Doctors Studio and will be
apparent when registering.

  • Drop-ins will need to be booked and paid for prior to the start of the class
  • Unless booked in advance, a drop-in student will not have a guaranteed space and under no
    circumstance will be permitted if capacity has been reached.
  • Classes are bookable in advance through the Dance Doctors Studios on-line portal
  • Discount is given to those students that enrol on a class and pay monthly

Private lessons

Private Lessons are paid for in advance at the time of booking, via the Dance Doctors Studios online

At least 36 hours’ notice is required to cancel a booked private lesson. You must receive confirmation
of your cancellation from Dance Doctor Studios to guarantee a refund. If less than 36 hours’ notice is
given, then the full fee is payable if a replacement student cannot be found to take the lesson. If the
lesson can be filled then a £2 charge is payable, to cover administration costs.

Where Dance Doctors Studios cancels the Private lesson, the fees are carried over to the following
lesson, or refunded in full as appropriate.

Class fees

Current class fees are displayed within the parent portal, at point of registration. They are revised
yearly in September and rise in line with inflation.

Dance Doctor Studios reserves the right to alter class times and fees at any time with a minimum of 4
weeks’ notice.

Examination fees

The current examination fees charged by the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) will be
made available prior to pupils being entered for an exam. These fees are revised yearly in September
by the IDTA Examinations Council. Payment of exam fees is required 2 weeks prior to each exam to
guarantee entry.

Refund of fees

Where classes are cancelled by Dance Doctors Studios, alternative options will be made available.

In the event that an alternative option is not made available a credit will be applied to the following
months fees.

Where a pupil is ill for more than 2 weeks a refund may be considered on production of a bona fide
Doctor’s Note at the discretion of Dance Doctors Studios.

Should it be necessary to close the school on account of an epidemic, or natural crisis, or any
circumstances over which Dance Doctors Studios has no control, fees will not be refunded or
compensation made for lost training.

Dance Doctors Studios may, at their discretion and without assigning any reason, at any time
conclude the course of tuition in respect of any student. In the event no further fees will be payable
by the student, and the student shall not be entitled to claim the return of any fees, or any part
thereof already paid.

Payment difficulities

Should a situation arise which affect payment of course fees, then please inform Dance Doctors
Studios immediately.

Matters will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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