Exam Day Procedure

1. Unless you are taking your exam in the first 45 minutes of a session, please ring the studio approximately 60 minutes before your exam time. Please arrive 25-30  minutes before your exam is due to commence in order to prepare yourself and help us sort out the paperwork for you.
On Exam Day, neither the Principal nor Reception has control over the exam session once it is underway. When timetabling for exams, we use the timings given to us by the IDTA. The are only approximations. An examiner may keep candidates in the exam for more or less than this time!
If the exam sessions are running early, you will be requested to arrive at the studios earlier than your alloted time.
If you miss your exam time because the session is running early, then at the descretion of the examiner, you may be allowed to take the exam later in the day on your own.  Only if the examiner says they will not accept you for an exam will you be entitled to a refund of the exam fee. Fees can be carried over to the next session, if approproiate.
If the exam session is running late, you will be informed how late it is running and you will be required to arrive at the studios at a later time.
However, should you choose to arrive early, please be prepared to wait patiently.
If you decide not to come, or to leave before you take your exam because the seeion is running late, then your fees will be forfeit.
2. The Principal decides which children go into an exam, and whether they go in alone or in a group. If events occur on exam day which require a change of group/partner the it is the Principal who will decide which group/partner will change. this will not alter your child’s exam mark. The Principals decision is final.
3. Before you enter the Studios please be considerate and switch off all phones. The studio sound system picks up the incoming and outgoing signals from mobile phones as very loud beeps. This is exceedingly off putting for the children who are in the exam at the time, and annoying for the examiner.
4. On arriving at the Studios, please book your child in at reception. Studio 2 is usually used for exams – so please be aware of the noise level outside this studio. Other lessons may be in progress, so please avoid interuption in these studios.
5. Use the changing rooms to get changed, but please do not wait in them as other children will need to get changed.
6. If there are no lessons in progress, Studio 3 will usually be available to wait in (please being something to do while you wait, ie. colouring books & pencils, not felt tip pens etc). Please do not let children have fizzy drinks or chocolate, or anythiing that will mark their uniform.
7. Approximately 15 minutes before their exam, students will be collected by their Teacher and taken to Studio 1, where thier uniform and shoes will be checked. All shoe ties must be tucked in please.
8. They will be given a badge with a number/colour on it and asked to wait outside Studio 2 with their Teacher.
9. When it is their turn to go ionto the Exam Studio, students will be taken in by their Teacher.
10. Once the exam is over the children will be returned to their parents in Studio 3.
Parents are not encouraged to wait as this will increase the number of people on the premises and adds to the stress levels of the students.
We would like to make exam sessions as stress free as possible for the children, so please work with us and follow our examination procedure. If you ahve any questions on any of the above, please speak to reception or your Teacher. 
If any student /parent feels that they are unable to comply with these procedures, we would recommend you withdraw your exam entry as soon as possible. Thsi decision will not affect in any way whatsoever the students progress and standing within the dance school. They will contiue to rpogress therough the grades at the teachers recommendation when they reach the required compentncy to do so.
If you have any comments, then please address Miss karen, or arrange to see me at a mutually convenient time.
Thank You
Karen OatesPrincipal
Thank you for your co-operation.
9th Sept 2018

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