Mini Movers - Stay & Play

Play session followed by a structured movement, music and singing class for dancers and their grown up

Mini Mover - All Dance

A fun and engaging introductory dance session where grownups are encouraged to gradually step away

Rosette – Cygnets

For independent dancers ages 3 plus. A lovely friendly atmosphere where children get to express themselves and have fun

Rosette – Swans

A more structured class for independent dancers aged 4 plus. Includes a range of styles and optional exam introduction

Gymnastic Dance

A combination of Dance and Gymnastics. A fun, safe class to increase flexibility and strength


Independent class for ages 5 plus with a first look at IDTA syllabus work. Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Modern Jazz


For children ages 7 plus. A variety of dance styles including Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Musical Theatre

Grade 1

For children ages 8plus. Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Musical Theatre with a focus on IDTA examination

Intermediate 1

An improver class focusing on technique. A smaller ratio of students to teacher to encourage progression

Intermediate 2

The students will learn technique and graded syllabus work for Grade 2 and above

Intermediate 2 Combined

Modern Jazz and elements of choreography. Available to intermediate groups 1 & 2

Senior Class

Age14+ plus. Students work towards higher IDTA exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz at Intermediate Level

Senior Performance

A class for those who want performance opportunities. Students will take part in festivals and public performances.

Adult Beginner Tap

An exciting style of dance using footwork to make sounds and rhythm to music. A fun way to add exercise to your routine

Adult Beginner Ballet

Introductory ballet class for adults. The foundations of the ballet technique in a fun and friendly environment

Adult Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate Level Ballet for adults who have some previous experience. Develop strength and technique

Adult Advanced Ballet

A strong focus on technique and advanced steps. A good knowledge of ballet is required to enroll in this class

Adult Beginner Pointe

Introductory pointe work class for adults. A progressional class for adults beginning their ballet journey

Adult Intermediate Pointe

Building on previous skills, we aim to work on one footed steps and also centre work. Prior experience en pointe is required

Adult Cabaret

Cabaret class for adults. A chance to learn choreography which combines Cabaret and Modern Jazz

Adult Contemporary

Expressive dance combining genres such as modern, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and classic ballet
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