Adult Intermediate Ballet

DDS Adult Ballet Dancers

Ballet for Adult Improvers

This class is idea for those that have progressed through the DDS Adult Beginners Ballet Class or those that have danced before. It is assumed that participants have an understanding of the basic classical ballet steps and are able to execute these with a degree of technique.

Skills and Development

Building on previous experience, you will be introduced to more technically demanding elements of ballet. Barre work will have a high proportion of repetition with the aim of improving strength, conditioning and skill embedding those moves into that all important muscle memory.

Along with an improved understanding of ballet vocabulary, you will develop posture and grace, and the art of making all moves flow in what appears to be an effortless manner.    

Centre work will progress from static movements to turning, travelling, jumping and leaping. This, in turn will lead to increased stamina, strength, flexibility, muscle control and coordination. In addition to classical step, movements and combination pupils will be taught inspiring choreographed routines.  

Performance Opportunities

Although totally optional dancers in the adult intermediate ballet class will have the opportunity to take part in the annual DDS show

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