Adult Beginner Tap

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Tap Dance Class for Adults

For adults of all ages from 18 years plus, this tap ballet class is perfect for the total beginner or those that have danced in their younger years and are yearning to return.

Skills and Development

Our experienced and qualified teachers will create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, making you feel totally at home whilst focusing on the basics of tap dancing. Whilst the rhythmic aspect of tap is good for the brain, this class will also keep you fit, improve cardiovascular conditioning, balance and coordination along with the positive energy, joy and feel good vibes that comes with any good dance class.

You will start of by learning a range of simple steps, gradually putting them together to produce fun and varied combinations. You will quickly progress from tapping on the spot to travelling around the studio to lively upbeat music.

Throughout your tap dancing journey you will learn the sounds you can make with your feet and their associated names. As you build on these simple steps you’ll also learn about rhythm and the development of subtle light and shade, essential for the developing tap dancer.

Each class will build on what you have learn from the previous week encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement in any enjoyable atmosphere.

Performance Opportunities

Although totally optional dancers in the adult beginner’s tap class will have the opportunity to take part in the annual DDS show

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