Adult Advanced Ballet

Adult ballet dancer

Refining and Developing Technique

This class is aimed at those who have progressed through the DDS adult intermediate ballet class or those that danced at a higher level when they were younger and are looking to return after some time away

Skills and Development

Expect your ballet technique to be taken to the next level with a combination of exercises that focus of strength and skill development, whilst challenging you with some of the more difficult dance combinations

Slow and controlled adage, batterie (beaten work), grande allegro, jumps, leaps, pirouettes and more. Our qualified and experienced teachers will introduce you to the more difficult ballet steps whilst keeping a firm eye on the basics to ensure your technique is at the best it can be. You will be challenged with innovative choreography with a focus on personal expression and combinations will become more difficult and elaborate as your ability progresses

Along with improved stamina, flexibility, strength, coordination and muscle control, this class will really tone, contour and elongate your muscles progressing each week towards that illustrious ballet body

Performance Opportunities

Although totally optional dancers in the adult advanced ballet class will have the opportunity to take part in the annual DDS show

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