About Us

Dance Doctors Studios is situated at Leopold Street, Long Eaton and has something for every one.
As long as you enjoy movement and music you could start dancing as early as 3 years old!
Dance Doctors Studios offers a wide range of dance classes for children from 3 until 16 years old, and adults.

A year of dance at Dance Doctors Studios is a busy and exciting one. We prepare children for shows, competitions, and local events such as the Well Dressings, Summer Fetes and guest performances.

At Dance Doctors Studios, children can attend every Saturday for a whole day of dance. Starting from 9am and finishing at 2.15pm, during which time they will train in a variety of dance styles including Commercial, Tap, Ballet and Acro.

Our students are very passionate and enthusiastic about dance and performance, all new comers are welcomed soon forgetting their first day nerves as the children’s enthusiasm brushes off on them and they are made to feel part of Dance Doctors community.

If you are interested in joining the under 16’s school, please contact us to receive a taster day free of charge.

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